How do YOU choose a carpet cleaning service?

By choosing the service that the experts use for carpet cleaning Brandon!

Overturf's is referred exclusively by top experts in these industries:

* Real estate agents
* Floor covering experts
* Home builders
* Property management companies
* Designers
* Upholsterers
and many others!

We help you avoid nightmare carpet cleaners by providing you with the most outstanding, award winning service experience ever, guaranteed!


When was the last time you were THIS HAPPY after your carpets were cleaned?

“I work in a flooring showroom and we recommend Overturf’s to all of our carpet customers.”

– Candi Walker, Sarasota, FL

“Superb excellent service with a smile!!!! Thank you and I will recommend your company with pleasure!!!!”

– Kate McAdoo

Proud winners of the 2015 Small Business of the Year - Manatee Chamber of Commerce

How do we provide you with the most outstanding service experience?

With our 5 Values:


One – Reputation

Overturf’s has a reputation that is second to none when it comes to carpet cleaning Brandon. The most seasoned floor covering professionals, interior designers, and realtors refer our services exclusively. As a Small Business of the Year award winner along with several other honors, we serve some of the area’s most prominent citizens and celebrities.

We don’t lure you in with “$6.95 pricing” or other bait and switch methods dishonest carpet cleaning companies use.

“100% recommendation from us. Get her business card, hang it close to your desk and you’ll find yourself
calling her over and over again.” – Jim & Pam McCarthy, Ellenton, FL

Two – Experience

Overturf’s Floor & Fabric Care is one of the most experienced cleaning firms in the area. We have over 20 years experience in this industry in all types of carpet and floors. Whether the fabric is natural or synthetic, and whatever the soiling condition may be or cleaning method needed, we will apply all of our expertise to your job.

Three - Education & Certification

We are certified by the IICRC, which is the most recognized body of certification for cleaners in the world. To attain this certification requires ongoing training which includes hands on and classroom instruction. Never use a cleaner that is not certified by the IICRC.

Being very involved in our industry, we apply and deliver the education we receive directly to your home.
We also participate in weekly training classes by one of the nations top small business coaches. These classes are designed to improve the consistent service experience we deliver to each and every person we come in contact with.

Four – Systems

We operate the most advanced cleaning systems on the market.

Textiles have changed. There’s no one size fits all solution for cleaning your floors and fabrics. That’s why we offer a variety of cleaning methods based on your needs and situation.

Since carpets contain about 4,000 times as much bacteria per square inch as your toilet seat having the right cleaning systems is vital.

Our 12 Step Cleaning Program (most cleaners do 3 or 4 steps) will get maximum soil removal and maximum spot removal without over wetting the carpet or leaving a sticky residue behind.

We use only top quality products. Low price cleaners tend to use low quality products that often cause problems with floors when carpet cleaning Brandon. Plus, we are committed to first class customer service which includes an on-time guarantee.

Our employees (no subcontractors) show up clean and neat in professional uniforms. We will treat you, your family, pets and home with the utmost of respect.

Five – Guarantee

Last, but not least, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not thrilled with the service experience you receive from us, we will rush back to your location at no charge and no obligation. If you are still unimpressed, you owe us nothing and we will issue a 100% refund, up to $1,000 upon request.

And we’ll even further that amazing guarantee with a spot and spill warranty included with the purchase of fabric or carpet protector.

What can you expect with Overturf's?

  • Expect a well trained, clean cut, friendly professional you can trust that is ready to do a thorough cleaning of your floors & fabrics.
  • Timely. When you make an appointment, you should expect us there on time unless there is an unexpected emergency.
  • Expect us to treat you, your family, and your home with the same respect as we would an important member of our family.
  • You can expect that you’ll be so pleased that you will be eager & delighted to introduce us to your most esteemed friend.

What kind of clients do we work with at Overturf's?

  • When you make an appointment, we expect you to keep it, be there on time, and be ready for us to begin working.
  • We expect you to treat us as more than your hired help, but as a dear and valued friend.
  • We expect you to pay your bill then and there, once services are rendered.
  • If we didn’t perform as promised, we don’t want your money. That’s why we guarantee our work. However, if we did perform as we said we would, we expect you to contact at least 2 and up to 5 of your valued friends, relatives, or coworkers and refer our carpet cleaning services to them.

How can you get this level of service?

Call Now!

Carpet Cleaning Brandon

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